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How Do You Review a Contract
How Do You Review a Contract

How Do You Review a Contract?

There are a number of things to look for when reviewing contracts. It is very important that the contract reflects the terms that you need and want. You also need to ensure the review of the contract hits on all the key elements required in a contract. If you want to embark upon a contract negotiation without the aid of an attorney, you will find the points below to be aware of.

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Important Terms Reflected in Contracts

To make sure important points of contracts are properly reflected, there are a few steps you should take into consideration.  The contract should include at a minimum, the following standard contract terms:

  • Know what you expect from the contract
  • Ensure that the contract terms are documented correctly
  • Read the entire contract to see that it aligns with your expectations
  • Look to see if any important contract terms are missing
  • Determine what contract changes are needed so you can negotiate the changes

Key Points in a Contract Review

You want to hit any key points when looking over the contract (as in the third step above). Some of the key points are:

  • Any capitalized terms should be properly defined
  • The parties involved need to be properly identified
  • Signature blocks should be correct
  • The term of the contract should be identified
  • Can termination be done early and what are the rights of the parties involved?

Understanding Legal Business Clauses

Of course, the main thing that can inhibit your understanding of a contract and its points would be legal terms used that you don’t know. Words or terms like ‘non-solicitation,’ indemnification,’ ‘boilerplate provisions,’ and others can stop you from understanding exactly what you will be signing. It is important to get any terms defined accurately.

Having an attorney assist with a contract review can prevent a lot of business liability issues from arising. A professional with expertise in reviewing management contracts knows exactly what he is looking at and can ensure all the wording and formatting is done correctly. Even though it costs to have a contract review by an attorney, it is worth it as it can save you a lot of trouble in the future.

It’s worth it to find out how much a lawyer will charge to analyze a contract, because a review service can be vital when about to sign a contract. Ultimately, it is always a good idea to have an expert take a look at any binding legal document to ensure everything is airtight. A contract review lawyer will look at the wording and format because they need to be very specific in order to be legally binding. Costs vary depending on a number of factors.  For instance, how much do the terms impact the cost and how much does the complexity of the contract provide the contract lawyer to adjust the fee.

Why Hire a Lawyer and the Process

When hiring a lawyer to review your contract, you are getting their years of experience and knowledge. So, how much do lawyers charge to review a contract? You, of course, want the best deal you can get (and avoid breach of contract) and by having a professional look over the client’s wording, format and points of interest, you will be confident that the contract review will contain much of what is needed. It might cost something, but in the long run it can save you a lot of money over a long period of time.

Checklist of Each Management Law Step

What your legal fees will be for a contract review depends on a number of things. Some of the factors it depends on are:

  • How long the review is
  • The complexity of the contract review
  • How often you need help from the lawyer with drafting the contract
  • What the lawyer needs to look for within the text
  • The rules and regulations in your particular industry
  • The number of parties involved and signing the contract
  • Planning a solid guide (or checklist) for the client

Overall Pricing for a Contract Review

Lawyers will typically either charge a flat rate or an hourly fee. The flat fee may be determined after the lawyer performs the contract review and determines how much time will be involved with the contract. The hourly fee usually depends on the lawyer’s expertise, but it can be anywhere from $100 up to $500 per hour. Sometimes you can get off with a less expensive review if there is a very simple question and you just want the lawyer to explain some matters to you.

To be sure an employee’s employment contract covers all aspects of employment, it is important to know what should be included in an employment agreement. After all, an employee’s future employment and potential income is going to depend on that employment agreement being clear-cut and accurate.  Thus, a potential employee would be foolish to enter a new job and sign an employment agreement without reviewing the employee’s job responsibilities enumerated in employment agreements.

Who to Turn to for Reviewing your Contract

When about to sign a contract, you certainly don’t want to take unnecessary risks that could put everything you worked for in jeopardy. So, who is supposed to review contracts? It is best to obtain reviews of contracts services so as to ensure your contract leads to only positive results. But who should you get to do reviews of contracts? Who is the best choice for that kind of contract service?

Who to Consider to Make the Agreement Better

Employment contracts must be signed with confidence that all the expectations of the position are communicated. There are a number of things in a contract that should be reviewed and ascertained as to their legality. Such things as benefits, paid time off, starting salary, and schedules must be effectively laid out. The best person to review these matters is an attorney. An attorney has the knowledge and experience to review a contract and to put any concerns to rest.

Putting Contract Concerns to Rest

When getting reviews of contracts, any pitfalls will be found and fixed. The review will include:

  • A term-by-term review
  • Negotiation of points with employer
  • Full reviews of contracts

Reviews of contracts are vital to get the stress taken out of the process when you are going to enter into a contract. Professional reviews of contracts will then allow you to relax and not worry about such matters. An attorney doesn’t have to be an expert in the specific industry the contract covers — he or she simply must know the basics of contracts and how to word them effectively and how to make them legally binding.

What Happens if no Professional Review Takes Place?

When you don’t have a professional review and are signing a contract, risks can be large. The impact of a contract signed with no review can affect your personal life as well as your professional life. It can mean the following:

  • Poor benefits package
  • Not enough vacation time or paid time off
  • Too small production bonuses
  • Unfair non-competes

You should take no chances with signing a contract without a proper and thorough review. An attorney can take a contract, completely review all aspects of it, and ensure the contract is worded correctly, agreements are improved and important points will be negotiated as needed.

Employment Contract Attorney

If you don’t want to take on the risks of not reading a contract, getting a lawyer is the best way to go. The price you pay to have attorneys review agreements can save you a lot in the long run, so it will be worth it.